Evolve Helps Dr. Tattoff Customers With 50% Off

Earlier this year a nation wide chain of laser tattoo removal clinics, Dr. Tattoff, made big news in the beauty/tattoo industry by shutting down a number of locations in 3 states, including locations in LA and the Inland Empire, with no warning to the public. This was a surprise to not only employees of the company, but also the clients that pre-paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for tattoo removal packages that will no longer be honored by the company.

In the Facebook page Screwed By Dr Tattoff, a discussion has begun with tips on how ex-Dr Tattoff customers can get their money back, and even talks of a class action lawsuit against the company. Yelp.com is another forum where people have chose to air out their grievances about the company. The Dr. Tattoff Orange County location currently has close to 50 new reviews all sharing a similar story.

Only time will tell what the outcome will be, but in the meantime Evolve is doing it’s part to get those people affected by the closure back on track with their laser tattoo removal. We are offering 50% off treatments to every Dr. Tattoff that prepaid for a tattoo removal plan.

Click the Appointment/Request a Quote link to inquire about our Dr. Tattoff laser tattoo removal special offer.

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