Faster Laser Tattoo Removal with the PFD Patch

Remove that unwanted tattoo even FASTER? Yes please!

We at Evolve Tattoo Removal are known for our amazing Astanza Trinity laser technology, which removes tattoos faster than anything else on the market. But thanks to the amazing Describe PFD Patch, we can speed up the process even more!

The PFD Patch is a clear, adhesive band-aid like material that is placed directly over your tattoo before a laser treatment. The material provides extra protection and hydration to your skin, as well as added pain relief, which allows your nurse to make more than one pass over the tattoo during a single treatment (without the patch, each treatment is limited to a single pass). This means you’re receiving the power of multiple laser removal treatments in a single session, without any added discomfort. To sum it up, the Describe PFD Patch guarantees better results in fewer treatments. Want even more information about the patch? Read about the clinical trial here.

If you’re looking to remove a tattoo quickly and effectively, the PFD Patch may be just the boost you need. Give our expert staff a call to schedule a free consultation, and find out if the PFD Patch is your ticket to ink-free skin!