Laser Tattoo Removal Season is Here

Fall is the best time of the year for laser tattoo removal.

Did you know that fall is the best time to begin laser tattoo removal? During the summer, your freshly treated skin will have a harder time recovering when exposed to sun, water, and other outdoor activities. This can lengthen the healing process as well as pose an increased risk of hyper- and hypo-pigmentation, or changes in skin tone due to sun damage. With cooler fall weather taking over, it is much easier to keep your healing skin covered by comfy sweaters and protected from sun, water, and dirt!

Take a look at the calendar and you see another reason why fall is the ideal season to begin or continue your tattoo removal. Most clients require somewhere between 4-8 sessions to remove or lighten a tattoo, and each session must be spaced out 6 weeks apart. By beginning treatments in fall, we can fit in up to 6 sessions before summer begins again. Long story short, if you are considering tattoo removal, now is the perfect time to get started!

Reach out and schedule a FREE consultation and let us help you develop a personalized treatment plan to begin your tattoo removal process today.