National Patient Safety Day

National Patient Safety Day is September 17th- let’s celebrate!

At Evolve Tattoo Removal, our top priority is safety! Our nurses are experts in tattoo removal, and evaluate your tattoos at each appointment to ensure the correct settings are applied, whether it’s your first treatment or your last! Lasers are now available for many uses, from tattoo removal to full skin resurfacing. However, legal boundaries for each procedure vary from state to state. It is important to research the safety regulations for any procedure before you begin to ensure your treatment is safe and effective. 


Laser procedures are separated into two categories: “ablative” and “non-ablative”. Ablative lasers permanently alter the skin by cutting or burning it away. Since these treatments may cause more side effects, they are only performed by physicians or nurses. Non-ablative lasers offer less side effects, and an easier healing process! Laser tattoo removal is considered a non-ablative procedure because it does not permanently alter the skin, only the ink! However, in California all laser treatments must be performed by medical staff. This offers the security of expert care for the entire tattoo removal process! Check out this article by Astanza for more details on the difference between ablative and non-ablative procedures.


At Evolve Tattoo Removal, our primary concern is the safety of our patients. We take every precaution to make sure each patient has a safe, clean, and effective treatment. All consultations and procedures are performed by Registered Nurses, and overseen by our Medical Director. We also offer prescription numbing cream (rather than over-the-counter) for a safe yet potent solution to the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal. Check out our last post here to learn more about pain relief for laser tattoo removal!


Evolve Tattoo Removal is committed to offering safe and effective treatments for the San Diego community. Call or text us today to schedule your next appointment! (760) 576-1558