Stacey Anderson

3x Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
Stacey is a certified Microblading artist and trained with the “World’s Best Master,” Kler Rosenberg. She obtained her certification from Phibrows, the top Microblading academy in the world. She strives for perfection and is truly passionate about creating beautiful, natural brows for her clients. Each brow design is individually customized based on the client’s face shape and personal preference.

With having a background in the medical field, you should feel safe to know that she uses 100% disposable blades and understands the importance of sanitation and the health of her clients. Stacey is constantly advancing her skills and is currently working towards acquiring two more certifications. Not only does she offer Microblading but has recently added a new service of Powder/Ombre brows. It is a semi-permanent, eyebrow shading technique and is a good option for those who either, may not qualify for microblading, or who prefer a more defined “makeup” look. Regardless of the technique chosen, the ultimate goal is to create brows that make you feel confident and enhance your natural beauty!