Desired results after only 4 treatments.

Evolve Tattoo Removal

provides San Diego with the best laser tattoo removal solutions.

It’s time to Evolve your skin with the Astanza Trinity Laser Removal System.

Many people with unwanted tattoos still love ink – they may dislike a particular tattoo because it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. More often times than not, they still appreciate body art,” said Holly Della Vedova, founder. “Evolve Tattoo Removal is all about transforming bad tattoos and evolving them into something better. Laser tattoo removal is the perfect solution for erasing or lightening bad tattoos in preparation for a new design. Our partnership with the gifted artists at Guru Tattoo and our versatile Astanza Trinity laser will give laser tattoo removal a new definition for the city of San Diego.

Evolve Tattoo Removal

The Evolve Tattoo Removal team.

Our goal at Evolve Tattoo Removal is to change the way people look at their tattoo collection. For years people thought they had to live with a bad tattoo, or even worse get a cover-up. Sometimes it was as bad as their original tattoo.

With input from the amazing artists in our network, we are able to raise the bar of the “cover up” tattoo. Gone are the days of designing a big solid black tattoo design to hide your old one. Now we can utilize a lightened canvas to work with, and with that our artists gain more flexibility with the types of designs they use. This allows us to take cover up tattoo to the next level.

Evolve Tattoo Removal offers free consultations to all patients and attractive pricing packages to make sure each client’s needs are met. For more information on tattoo removal and fading visit You can also call (619) 232-4264 or visit our office located in Guru Tattoo Little Italy. Our address is 2504 State St. San Diego, CA 92101.